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After waiting and waiting….. and waiting some more, Verizon Wireless has finally announced that the Galaxy Nexus will indeed be released tomorrow, December 12th, 2011. Why is this so huge? Well, this is the first, and quite possibly the only Nexus device to come to Verizon Wireless. Back in October Google, Android, and Samsung announced the phone which would be operating the all new Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. The phone, along with the brand new operating system are offering an amazing combination of such features as facial unlock recognition, a 4.65″ Super AMOLED HD screen (720p), NFC (Near Field Communication-which can be used for mobile payments, transferring of files, and a host of other possibilities that will come as more developers design new apps that take advantage of the technology), and curved glass (re-enforced, though sadly not Gorilla Glass from Corning, which many Android phone enthusiasts have come to value greatly). To see the full list of specs and to receive the official updates, go to makes us excited is that this phone has abilities that no other Android phone (or any other smart phone that we know of) has, like the ability to completely disable apps. For Verizon Wireless customers, this is huge because 1. Many people can’t stand the “bloatware” (Verizon installed apps) and hate that they are required to have them taking up space on the phone. What this feature does is allows users to disable the apps so that they do not operate while disabled. Unfortunately the apps are still taking up that space on the memory bank in the phone. And 2. With so many new customers on tiered data plans, where they are limited to only 2GB of data each month (or more depending on your plan), the ability to turn off high data using apps is a major benefit. In Android 4.0 there are other features that give users more detailed information on what apps are using up the most data and can monitor how much data is being used at any given time.

One of the other features that many are excited about, including the folks of Google and Samsung, is the integrated Google+ video conferencing. This app allows users to use Google+ to video chat with up to 9 other people. There are other apps out there that allow Android phones to video conference with multiple users, but this will be the first time that and Android phone uses Google+. This is a great marketing tool for Google to promote Google+ as it attempts to compete with facebook in the world of Social Networking.

This by far is in no way a full listing of the new features that are to come on this amazing device and Android 4.0. This is a highlight of some of the things we’re excited about. We’ll have a full review of the device coming soon. Please comment and let us what you think and what you’re excited about.


So, we have all been anticipating the release of the Galaxy Nexus on America’s number one wireless carrier (according to a recent Consumer Reports review). What many of us want to know is why can’t we get an honest answer about when the phone is going to be released. We understand that with complex smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there are often last minute issues that need to be resolved before the phone can be released. What we are having a hard time understanding is why they aren’t being more forthcoming with information so that curious consumers aren’t left speculating. We have heard numerous dates and documents that have all but confirmed that this phone would be released this Friday (December 9th). Now, the websites pages have changed, the speculation is pointing in no particular direction, and consumers are left scratching their heads.

It’s not that this shouldn’t be expected from Verizon, we all remember the Thunderbolt fiasco that took place last spring as well as the Droid Bionic that finally released as a first generation Verizon LTE device along side rumors of many second generation LTE phones to be released soon thereafter. Some of the credit has to be passed on to OEM’s, but does this seem to be happening more on Verizon than on other carriers?

We love Verizon and their amazing lineup of phones and we continue to be loyal customers like so many others out there. We just want some up front information for that loyalty. What do you think, if you could change one thing about the way Verizon releases new phones, what would it be?

We couldn’t be more excited to be up and running, bringing you Android news, information, and opinions.