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So, we have all been anticipating the release of the Galaxy Nexus on America’s number one wireless carrier (according to a recent Consumer Reports review). What many of us want to know is why can’t we get an honest answer about when the phone is going to be released. We understand that with complex smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there are often last minute issues that need to be resolved before the phone can be released. What we are having a hard time understanding is why they aren’t being more forthcoming with information so that curious consumers aren’t left speculating. We have heard numerous dates and documents that have all but confirmed that this phone would be released this Friday (December 9th). Now, the websites pages have changed, the speculation is pointing in no particular direction, and consumers are left scratching their heads.

It’s not that this shouldn’t be expected from Verizon, we all remember the Thunderbolt fiasco that took place last spring as well as the Droid Bionic that finally released as a first generation Verizon LTE device along side rumors of many second generation LTE phones to be released soon thereafter. Some of the credit has to be passed on to OEM’s, but does this seem to be happening more on Verizon than on other carriers?

We love Verizon and their amazing lineup of phones and we continue to be loyal customers like so many others out there. We just want some up front information for that loyalty. What do you think, if you could change one thing about the way Verizon releases new phones, what would it be?


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